Moor Music Trio

Mark  (Melodeon and Concertina) and Jason (Accordion) have been playing their instruments since childhood absorbing the unique Dartmoor style from their respective grandfathers Bob Cann and Jack Rice. 

Rob (5-String Banjo) also learnt to play finger-style banjo from a young age and has since become one of  the finest exponents of this once popular but now rarely heard style.

Playing in a way that comes naturally to them they have since become one of the best truly traditional acts, doing what they do, simply because they enjoy it.

Moor Music Trio photo high res

Their concert performances include traditional Dartmoor tunes as well as tunes from further afield, all played in their unique Dartmoor style. As well as music they'll also throw in the odd song, banjo solos that have to be seen to be believed and also some Dartmoor Step Dancing, danced on a fifteen inch square board. On special occasions they're also joined by a forth member of the team by the name of Sailor Jan, a century old dancing jig doll who always steals the show.